Our logo says it all -IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PETS.We aim to take care of your pets in a professional and loving way ,so that you can have peace of mind when you are away from home ,either while on business, holiday , a quick break or in an emergency.We are a group of individuals who are dedicated and specialize in delivering a service which is of the highest standard .The benefits of making use of our service is that your pets daily routines will not be disrupted by moving them to a 2 x 2 kenneling or cattery facility that ends up being extremely stressful and harmful for them.They will be able to carry on with their normal daily routines without being stressed out or feeling lonely.We strive to give your pets the best care and to ensure that they are safe, comfortable and happy in their natural home environment.We also provide a wide range of services that will ensure a relaxed and enjoyable trip for you and your family.

Peter Moffatt
Admin Manager
Tinus van der Merwe
National Manager
Theo Vorster
Area Manager
Leoni Windell
Area Manager

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